8 Channel

  • Analog Multiplexer Card - 8 Channel
  • CONTROLLER NAME Model No & TYPE Analog Multiplexer card-8 or 16 channel
    SIZE Dimention(HxWxD) mm 95x95(8-CH), 95x100(16-ch)
    INPUT Input Signal 0 - 10V DC(maximum 15V DC)
    OUTPUT Control Output 0 - 10V DC(maximum 15V DC)
    Scanning Speed 2 mili second per channel
    Power Requirement 24V DC, 300mA
    Function This will accept 8 Nos or 16 Nos analog input 0-10V DC and will give only one analog output corresponding to
    analog input which is controlled by Digital signals A, B, C for 8-Ch & A,B,C,D 16-CH through PLC

    μC Based Humidity and Temperature Controller
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