• WDI-2201-PH….Size: 96(w)x96(h)x65(d) mm
  • WDI-2001-PH….Size: 96(w)x48(h)x65(d) mm
  • WDI-2101-PH….Size: 72(w)x72(h)x65(d) mm
  • WDI-2301-PH….Size: 48(w)x48(h)x85(d) mm
  • CONTROLLER NAME Model No & TYPE Ph & Temperature Indicator
    SIZE Dimention(HxWxD) mm 96x96, 72x72, 48X48, 96x48
    Panel Cutout (mm) 92x92, 68x68, 44x44, 92x44
    DISPLAY Upper
    7 segment, 4 digit RED LED display
    7 segment, 4 digit RED LED display
    INPUT Sensor & Range PT-100 2w/3w -50 To 400°C
    PH electrode Input (milivolt)
    Operating Mode Auto(online) Or manual selection for temperature compensation
    Password Password Fcility for configuration mode to avoid unauthenticate entry
    Accuracy ±1 °C
    Power Requirement 230V AC, 50Hz
    Protection Relay turn off in case of sensor break or Fail
    Indication "OPEN" message display if sensoor disconnected & alaram on with led indication
    Sensoe Connector BNC Female connector for PH electrode

    μC Based Humidity and Temperature Controller
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